Who are we?

1340_quisommesnous2Art and the culture found a ground very fertile in Argentina. However, a very great part of its cultural life, creativity of many artists in the various fields of expression remainslittle known of the public apart from the country.

This report and our will to promote art and the Argentinas culture led us to create within our company Argentina, Musica y Arte the site www.musicargentina.com. If the discovery of the Argentinas musics occupies a major space of it, we also open it with the other forms of expression, the such cinema, the literature, painting, photography, etc.

The site www.musicargentina.com was launched in June 2003 at thetime of IIème Festival Buenos Aires Tango with the National Theatre of Chaillot in Paris. Genuine cultural window, it is composed ofa rich editorial part and update daily presenting the artistic topicality, of the interviews, the diary of the related events, of short biographies, but also of a shop for purchases on line. Oursite is a space with the service of all those which are interested in the Argentinian cultural life.

Extremely of its success and its important and always increasingaudience, the site continues to develop as well by the setting in lineof new headings, the improvement of its ergonomics as by its opening to new cultural products, and this in a constant concern to offer to you a service increasingly more complete and relevant.

Parallel to the promotion and the discovery of the “makers of culture”, we ensure an active presence in the associative network, theevents and through various cultural partnerships.

Our criteria of selection are guided by the will of innovation and the preoccupation with a quality. If we are voluntarily subjective, our choice remains open and broad, as our catalogue can testify some.

Concern of topicality, up to date information, innovations to bediscovered and respect of our public constitute the bases on which we manage our activity.

The team

Bernardo Nudelman, at the originof the project, knew to join together this welded team which thanks tothe complementarity of competences, progresses and adapts to the various phases of this realization.

Shine Tarantino, our correspondent permanent in Buenos Aires, in addition directing musical of Radio operator of the Tango in Buenos Aires, the 2×4, impassioned of dance, of music and large expert of the Argentinian culture, ensures the search for information on the Argentinian cultural topicality and thusallows to connect to us permanently with the artistic life and the reality of this country.

Cédric Garcin, the manager of the Company, project leader specialized in marketing and E-trade. Apart from the administrative part, its competences allow the in-house management of our graphic creations and ensure a coherence between the image and the communication. Coming from another sensitivity that that of the ‘ tango’, Cédric brings also an externalobjective glance which can only improve subjectivity of the other members of the team.

Christophe Decker, our technical person in charge, developed the site, maintains it and adapts it to the needs. Its manhole and its competences also help us to remain attentive with the transmission of the ‘ produits’ of a culture towards another.

We five remain waked up vis-a-vis with the dynamics of this Argentinian alive culture. We wish to make you discover, like and dialogue it with.