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Ben Molar – 14 con el tango

On November 17, 1966, Ben Molar offered to the Argentinian public a work full with love, of artistic richness, a great homage to the culture of the Tango: 14 conben el Tango.

Ben Molar is a man as anxious as generous. He, patiently, will lead to this idea: that painters, musicians and poets find themselves to create together a work around the music of Buenos Aires, symbol and image of the country.
Among the best artists of these three arts, Ben Molar gathers 14in each discipline of them, 42 large of the Argentinian cultural history, which you will discover in our presentation. A work from now on traditional and significant, rare, even single by its richness.

14 con el tango treated all the styles of the tango: the tango, the tango song, the tango milonga, the tango of avant-garde and the tango lunfardo.
At the time of its appearance, the tables were presentés with the Argentinian public in the windows of the famous avenue tanguera, the calle Corrientes, then through exposures in several countries: Spain, Greece, Israel, Italy, The United States, Japan.

14 con el tango received many distinctions and price. But the most important price, it is the Tango which received it thanks to Ben Molar and with his work.

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