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A Castillo – The idol of a people, the joy of dancers


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Alberto Castillo – The last ‘chaman’


When Alberto Castillo, one of the last voices of Buenos Aires´soul, passed away, an artist was gone for ever. An artist who was able to recover the language of porteños (from Buenos Aires) whenever he stepped on a stage or in his recordings.

In his work with Ricardo Tanturi, at the beginning of the ’40’s, he incorporated expressions that were almost forbidden for the singers of tango of the time. Buenos Aires slang provocations to the high class which even the conductor did not like and by which fights were provoked in the dances.

Castillo faithfully followed that style during his life. He re-invented that language with unrenounceable passion to the soul of the town that loved him. Each word, each phrase, each attack of his touching voice and perfect refining, moved the dancers´ feet and hearts.

When he moved away from Tanturi, he revolutionized Buenos Aires with his candombes and milongas and in the ’90´s, with five decades of success, he returned to win young people´s hearts by being rescued by the group Los Auténticos Decadentes , with which he went on a tour inside and outside the country.

He was the greatest ceremonies master of Río de la Plata´s history. He was the ‘Chamán’ of rituals that Buenosaireans should never forget. With his mystery and a smile, he went on a tour without griefs and full of glory.

Luis Tarantino

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