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M. Mores – Music maker

The tango can interpa moresret all the states natural to be it Argentinian, of the major introspection to the merriest extraversion. One of the largest melodists of its history is, undoubtedly, the pianist, type-setter, arranger and leader Mariano Mores.

He is the creator broad already traditional topics, that everyone sing like Uno, Cafetin of Buenos Aires, Grisel, Adios Pampa mia, Tanguera or Taquito Militar, among hundreds of melodies which répresentent not only the heart of Buenos Aires but also that of the gaucho and of the man of the Argentinian countryside.

Mores is a national type-setter, all his music is built in the form of tango, of milonga, waltz, malambo and other rates/rhythms folk. Its music is festive. Each time Mores plays, it is a popular festival.

Mores, at more than 80 years, preserves its energy and its passion and says to us, enthusiastic: “… in my spectacles I give what I have of meiux, working with large musicians, large dancers, singers and benefitting from the technological projections on scene with the benefit from the tango ”

Mores represents a rich share of the history of the tangoand Argentinian popular music. It filled the theatres with Buenos Aires with its musicals, the movie theaters with films, the rooms of spectacle, radios with its concerts live, of the living roomsand the coffees with music at every hour.

Maestro continues to say to us:

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