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M. Calo – His big orchestra, the orchestra of the stars

Stars in firmemena calot of the tango

From this remarkable decade of the ’40, the orchestra of Miguel Calo is one of the most successful orchestral constructions, who enriched the history of the tango.

The bandoneonist Miguel Calo belong to a family of musicians and cleavers ‘entrepeneurs’.

During his first time, on the ’30, its style was closer to that of Osvaldo Fresedo or Carlos Di Sarli.

At that time the presence of the large singer Carlos Dante at Calo Orchestra struck the spirits much. After that Carlos Dante knew a big succesful with the Orchestra of the pianist Alfredo De Angelis.

In 1940 a fact occurs that will influence the trajectory of the orchestra: the arrival of the pianist Osmar Maderna.

At that time come to the orchestra the bandoneonists Armando Portier and Domingo Federico, the violonists Enrique Mario Francini and Antonio Rodio, among others, and they will create what passed to being named Orquesta de las Estrellas.

This orchestra of fabulous musiciens and large and young composers, also allowed to discover singers like Raul Beron, Alberto Podesta or Raul Iriarte.

During the ’40 the orchestra played of the virtuosies versions of great classic, as that of the tango
Sans Souci
 from Enrique Delfino but also they interpreted, in creation, works of Domingo Federico (Al compás del corazón, Yuyo verde, Saludos), Armando Portier (Milongueando en el 40, Trenzas), Osmar Maderna (Jamas retornaras, Que te importa que te llore, Dos fracasos, La noche que te fuiste), Enrique Mario Francini (Pedacito de cielo, Oyeme).

All these successes became a part of an inexhaustible cultural inheritance, successful by this orchestra which knew to mix the popular one with more refined, and that during an about sixty years!

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