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José ‘Pepe’ Libertella – A furious of the bandonion

The bandoneonist of legendary Sexteto Mayor died Wednesday December 8, 2004 at the 71 years old a libert

At the time when one has still evil to realize that Pepe Libertella succumbed to a striking down attack cardiac, the musicians of Sexteto Mayor and all the troop of Pasion Tango, decided to continue on scene (“The show must go one” takes all its direction here) what led its life, make rounds, voyages, rooms of spectacles, repetitions, recordings and of transmission of the tango near all the public ones of the world.

Yesterday evening, with the Theatre Andre Malraux of Rueil-Malmaison, his bandonion was well there, on the empty chair and the spectacle was held almost normally, without him, with however its communicative force which crossed not only the artists but each amazedspectator, incrédules.

A long career  and extremely filled

True ambassador of the tango in the world, even ifever officially constant for that in his country, it died in Paris, undoubtedly his second town of predilection.

With the head of Sexteto Mayor for 31 years with the bandoneonist Have shone Stazo, it had just received the Price of the National Commission of Arts in Buenos Aires. It had the passion of the tango rivetted with the body and with the bandonion and it was to communicate it to million spectators throughout his career compulsive eater.

Character with energy out of the commun run, it advanced, alwaysfull with projects, with an inextinguishable will.

Born in Italy, emigrant at less than one year in Argentina, it grows in Villa Lugano.

He packs for the bandonion as soon as he lives some to play by aneighbor. Humberto Canaro the reference mark in this district and thus begins an extraordinary career, not only as a bandoneonist but also as director of orchestra, arranger, type-setter (with tangos like Rapsodia of arrabal, París otoñal, Universo, Bajo romántico, Organito arrabalero …) and to always therefore play.

It plays in several orchestras before meeting Luis Stazo in 1950in the Orchestra of Osmar Maderna.
Then it plays in the legendary orchestra of Carlos Di Sarli, with in the file of bandonions Julián Plaza or Alfredo Marcucci in particular. It records with the singer Angel Vargas. And in 1959 it assembles an orchestra with Miguel Montero, with whom it records six discs until 1966, year when it forms its own orchestra.

In 1967, it creates Quinteto Gloria to accompany the singer Edmundo Rivero in a round in Japan where it is venerated and publishednot less than eleven discs.

April 29, 1973, it begins with Sexteto Mayor in La casa de Gardel, in the district of Abasto.And the experiment lasts since.

After having triumphed over the scenes the Argentinas and Latin-American most prestigious, Sexteto was ovationné, in 1981, with the inauguration of Las baldosas de  Buenos Aires in Paris where Julio Cortazar, Yves Montand and even Paloma Picasso applauded then.

The conquest of Europe and the rest of the world is irrepressible with the spectacle Tango argentino, with Horacio Salgán, Roberto Goyeneche, Juan Carlos Copes and the other large ones of the tango. It is in 1992, that is born the spectacle Tango Pasión, which did not stop since -for him – until yesterday in Paris, when it started to know that it would never be forgotten.

A vitality out of the commun run

Those which had the chance to see it on scene, remember it, with this passion that it put each time that it took the instrument and achieved the ritual of the representation.

Always worried so that the spectacle is held as well as possible, attentive with the sound, the light, with unfolding, with good mood and precision.

Last year, for the 30 years of Sexteto Mayor, it had received little before Grammy Awards Latino for what becomes today the last album of Sexteto Mayor in Homage to Piazzolla.

Thanks to its devouring passion, it will have given birth to from the vocations from musicians and dancers, amateurs or professionals. It so viscéralement has truly accomplished a mission by transmitting its passion of the tango.

It will be buried soon in Argentina.

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