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A. Ledesma – The voice of Buenos Aires

A clear and transparent voice has just passed speak waves about the radio. It was through Radio that Argentino Ledesma became popular and admired for always. For always, today that he is disappeared he returned at once in the eternity of the tango.

Argentino Ledesma died following two long years of disease. Born on June 24, 1929 in the province from Santiago del Estero, it arrives in 1947 and begins as singer in a program from Radio operator Aconcagua from the province from Tucuman. Ledesma will begin its brilliant career, that we know to him, of singer of tango. It unloads in Buenos Aires in the years ‘ 50 and will work as countable assistant. Thanks to a test in the orchestra of the bandoneonist Hector Varela, it will sing beside large Rodolfo Lezica with which it forms one of couples of the transcendentaux and popular singers of the history of the tango.

Ledesma will start with much working for emissions of radio, in cabarets, popular balls and will make some recordings. In 1956, following an offer of large Maestro Carlos Di Sarli, it leaves the orchestra of Varela. Its great popularity enables him to have onbehalf of Hector Varela a very consequent financial offer and it turnsover to work with him and formed part of Glostora Tango Club, program radio operator which was a phenomenon in its kind.

In 1957, the publishers discographic require it as a soloist and it stops its work with the orchestra of Hector Varela. From thismoment, it much will record, sing for the cinema (in the film ‘ El Asalto’), and was one of the most required of the programs TV of greataudience like “El tango LED millón”, “Yo you canto Buenos Aires”, “Sábados Circulares”, “Large voices valores del Tango” or “Sábados of Bondad”.

Argentino Ledesma proposed its clear voice, its accuracy of interpretation, its delicate nuances, the richness of its expression, with the service of all works which it treated.
Tangos, waltz and milongas: it sang them in versions whichwere not exceeded yet. Fabulous interpreter, man of large heart,his work will remain for always in the history of the music of Buenos Aires.

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