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L. Borda – Touched by the Muses of the tango

The Muses of the tango are with each corner of street in Buenos Aires. It is only necessary to know to attract them.

These dernieres years appeared to a significant number singers of tango. The women want to sing and dance the tango. But,as that arrives everywhere, little are those which manage to attract the Muses of the mystic ‘ porteña’.
Lidia Borda was a singer who had flirtait with the jazz but for several years already, it was given to the tango. It studied much for its first CD. It was devoted to well understanding and seizing the kind, the repertory, the nuances, the great female-intonated voices such that Mercedes Simone, Rosita Quiroga or Ada Falcon. At the end of a certain time, it decides to record and chooses a refined repertory, little used by her colleagues. Melodies of Anselmo Aieta (<i>Between sueños</i>) counted among the traditional ones taken in the repertoryof these large singers.

Bordered begins among the pionnières, it recovers them, the fact of living again. It learned much from their voices the mysteries which created the tango and records first extraordinary CD, which soon will be reedity in Argentina. Now, seven years, provided later with a strong experiment (in France, one heard it in 2001 in the City of the Music and the National Theatre of Chaillot), Lidia gathers the Muses of the unforgettable authors in a new work entitled <b>Tal vez será known voz </b> (is this Can be his voice).

At the time of an abstract conversation, the singer tells some processes of this work which took time and one can say it: very waited.

LB: The verity is that it was a true artisanal work, because it is myself which took the responsibility to publish itof and it is very difficult to have what you requests. I looked after the details much, as well in the choice of the repertory and that of the musicians, as graphics and of his realization.
Lidia starts from two essential points in this album: his copinage and friendly relation with the members of the Orchestra El Arranque, and its work with the pianist and arranger Diego Schissi, a talent which currently forms part of one of the best groups of jazz: Quinteto Urbano.

Sometimes I thought this work like double CD or like two CDs independent, one which would comprise the evolution of my work with El Arranque and the other with the piano of Diego, tells us Lidia Borda, but after me came the idea to make an order where both premisses can alternate, and I preferred this way.

Lidia Borda is the proof that it is not necessary to have been born in the tango at the same time as in the life. Its first steps locate it more close to the jazz than tango. However it took the way of the tango with much of respect and responsibility. The choice of the repertory is one of the strongest points of the work of Lidia, which knew to be surrounded of people who bring the elements necessary to him for the integral knowledge of each work. It is interested in the circumstances oftheir genesis, the time, the artists who enrégistré the topic, the study of the poet and the type-setter, the study of each partition andthe various ways to attack each part artistically. This work that few artists oblige to make, gives the difference in quality of the final result. It sings just, it modulates on original musical bases and a major knowledge of poetic dimension. Lidia Borda makes a success of a natural balance and carries great tangos inan original re-creation.

LB: In my first CD, I was in the years ‘ 20 and ‘ 30, us says Lidia, now I am more close to today, these fantastic tangos created inthe years ‘ 40 and I hope to find a repertory of new tangos soon to record them. But, is needed that it is clear, my repertory is not organized by chronological order but by the pleasure of singing these melodies and of singing these incredible poets for whom time does not pass.

This new CD is produced by Ignacio Varchausky, double bassplayer and arranger of the Orchestra El Arranque, a marvellous work and a demonstration, if need be were, that the tango is opened with aninfinitude of possibilities, as long as its chemistry perdure.

Lidia Bordered with the Orchestra El Arranque and the pianist Diego Schissi presents Tal vez sera tu voz

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