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L. Avellaneda – The dream of the personal tango

Lina Avellaneda feels the song since the belly of his/her mother. Its energy comes to him from a family from musicians, artists of circus and singers (the bandoneonist Julio Pane is its nephew).
She worked in teaching and its artistic career as a singer is the product of a life full with to and from, in charge of multiple requirements.
“I had, a few years ago, a serious reverse in my life and this helped me to discover things which I did not have courage to make, probably by the fact of belonging to a family of geniuses of the music. From this moment, I could smile, to be better with myself, to learn and to grow “, tells us Lina behind his large and marvellous smile.
Thus, after several stages, it approaches the urban musical kindand discovers pieces of ‘ porteñité’ (of identity with its city: Buenos Aires), which it carried in it but had of the evil with réveler.

“I try to be with the listening of my past, my present and to listen to those which have many musical knowledge. Because I could listen and accept, I made two discs different one from the other. One is CD of opening to the tango with elements of fusion(“Ciudadanas”), the other (“Tangolina”) dedicated to my parents and only built with tangos.”

Currently, the singer presents its third work purely tango: “Silueta Porteña”, where its personality ‘ porteña’ is definedmore clearly. “This is a disc where the people take part with which I work in this moment: Nicolas Ledesma, with the piano, Horacio Romo with the bandonion and Enrique Guerra with the double bass. This recording was carried out in studio where it was conceived like a work ‘ live’. This disc, I chose it like resultof an intimate listening, i.e. by working the topics which define me, with songs which my heart claims me and which I can sing anywhere and in any circumstance. I sought and found tangos such ‘ Yo you bendigo’ which is very beautiful. Thereafter, I wrote what I feel by singing it, and Nicolas Ledesma composed the music. There is also a candombe with arrangements of Daniel Binelli.”

With the délà of conventions, Lina Avellaneda is a true workerof art and its various facets are quite visible in this serious and talented work, where its smile of the end of the lips does not cease being present.
“I always gave explanations on my former achievements, as if I asked for the permission. In this CD, I feel that I do not need more to give explanations “.

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