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P. Mainetti – A big bandeononist

Within the talented news generation of musicians and type-setters of Tango, Pablo Mainetti, by its work of type-setter and its work of bandoneonist, is becoming a major figure.

There is currently a generation of musicians, arrangers, directors and type-setters of Tango reaching an interestingstage of artistic maturation. Among them, the bandoneonist PabloMainetti who obtained a reception of most eulogistic for his last work”Gran Hotel Victoria”.

Mainetti seeks, constantly, in the music of Buenos Aires and thelimits of the music in general.
It lived in Spain and tells us: “I lived in Spain, in Barcelona and Seville, and I was likely to play with many Spanish musicians and discovered many turnings of the Spanish folklore (in thepasodobles for example) which are also in our Tango”.

Many are those which seek only in the Italian music musical and poetic turnings of the tango. Mainetti believes, with reason, that the Spanish music inspired by the artists of the Tango.

It is difficult to define the music of Mainetti, in research andupward path, where we find a delicate balance between the classicism and the new tendencies. The enrichment of its balance comes fromthe quality of elements that Mainetti incorporates in each arrangementand each made up work.

Mainetti made studies of composition to the Federal Academy of Badalona, Barcelona and succeeds in giving a very personal form to thecontemporary tango. In its three movements for solo of bandonionand orchestra of cords (Milonga, Valleys, Tango), not yet published, we find, as it affirms it, its admiration for the large arranger Argentino Galvan.
We also note his particular respect for Horacio Salgan when in its interpretations, in particular that of “Julian” of Edgardo Donato.
“Galvan is for me the largest arranger of the Tango and Salgan, to which I always dedicated my admiration, especially for the work which it completes with Quinteto Real. I also smell myself attracted by turnings and the manners of Handbook of Falla “.

The quintet of Pablo Mainetti is composed of remarkable musicians: Leonardo Ferreyra with the violin, Hernan Posetti with the piano, German Martinez with the guitar, Daniel Falasca with the double bass and Pablo Mainetti with the bandonion.

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