How to order?

Here procedure allowing you to place order on our Internetsite

1 – Creation of account

You must first of all create your account. For that click on the icon “My Account” (in top on the right). You arrive on the page of identification.

If you do not have a clients’ account yet, click on the button “To continue” to create your account. You reach then the page ofCreation of Account.

Fill all the fields necessary by respecting the format indicated, in particular for the email, the date of birth and the department (2 digits).

Indicate “to receive” in the field “Neswletter” if you wish to receive our newsletter which will inform you each month of the innovations and promotions.

Also think of well preserving the password which you will indicate. Indeed at the time of your next order, you will not need more to create a clients’ account, it will be enough for you to indicate your email and your password when you open your basket or when you place order.

2 – To place an order

2.1 – The Basket

Choose the product which you wish to order in our catalogue, while clicking on its photograph or its name to enter its descriptive card.

Click on “Adding” to add this product to your basket. You arrive then on the page “Your Basket”.


    • To delete an article, notch the box “to remove” then on “Recomputing”


    • To modify the quantity of articles to be ordered, enter the quantity wished the field “Qté” then click on “Recomputing”, which will calculate the new total amount.


    • If you have a code promotion, indicate it in the field “Codes Promotion” then click on “Recomputing” to apply it.


    • If you wish to add a new article, to turn over in the catalogue or click on “Continuing purchases”.


    • To place order of the totality of your basket, click on “Ordering”.


2.2 – To order

Once your basket validated, the order proceeds by stages:

2.2.1 – Delivery

Your address of account is by defect the address of delivery of your order. If you wish to make deliver at another address, click on “Changing address” and fill the necessary fields. The total of the expenses of delivery is indicated to you.

Expenses of basic delivery by destination:


    • for a delivery in France, the basic tariff is 4 euros


    • for a delivery in Europe, the basic tariff is 8 euros


  • for a delivery in the USA or Canada, the basic tariff is 13 euros


For Information:


    • the expenses of delivery are reduced starting from 4 ordered articles


  • certain heavy articles cause a overcost of delivery


If information indicated satisfies you, click on “Continuing” to pass at the following stage.

2.2.2 – Address Invoicing and Mode of payment

Your address of account is by defect the bill-to-address of your
order. If you wish to forward the invoice at another address,
click on “Changing address” and fill the necessary fields.

Choose then your mode of payment:



    • By Bank card (Blue Chart, Visa card, Mastercard Chart).
      The payment by bank card is protected. We do not store anyinformation on your means of payment, the transaction being carried out directly by our bank (CIC).


  • By Cheque : Attention, paiment by cheque is available only in France. Your order will be dispatched only one time your cheque delivered. Put the order check to – 17 Rue des Faures, 64100(France).
    Do not forget by integrating into the amount of your payment the expenses of deliveries, as indicated on your purchase order.


Once your mode of payment selected and if information indicated satisfies you, click on “Continuing” to pass at the last stage.

2.2.3 – Validation of the Order

You arrive on the summary of your order. Youstill can
to modify all information presented.

If all information indicated is appropriate to you, click on “Confirming cmde”.

If you had select a “Payment by Bank card”, you will be to redirect on the site of our bank (protected site CIC) to carry out thebanking transaction by chart: indicate the type of chart which you will use, enter then the number of your bank card like its date
of expiry and finally validate.

2.2.4 – Confirmation

You will receive by email (with address email indicated in your account) the confirmation of your order like its detail and its mode of payment.