Conditions of sale



1.1 – The prices of our products are indicated in Euros all inclusive of tax
except share in the expenses of treatment and forwarding.

1.2 – In the exceptional case of an order towards a country other than
Metropolitan France (see article 5 – Delivery), you are the importer of
or of the products concerned. For all the products dispatched except European Union
and DOM-TOM, the price will be calculated net of tax automatically on the invoice.
customs duties or other taxes local or right of importation or taxes of State
are likely to be exigible. These rights and sums do not concern
comes out from MUSICARGENTINA.COM. They will be with your load and raise of sound
whole responsibility as well in terms for declarations as for payments with
authorities qualified et/organisms of your country. We advise you
you to inform about these aspects near your local authorities.

1.3 – All the orders whatever their origin are payable in Euros.

1.4 – MUSICARGENTINA.COM reserves the right to modify its prices with all
moment but the products will be invoicees on the basis of tariff in force with
moment of the recording of the orders subject to availability.

The products remain the property of MUSICARGENTINA.COM until thecomplete one
payment of the price.




On Internet:

By mail:

17 Rue des Faures
64100 Bayonne (France)

Contractual information is presented in French language and will make
the object of a confirmation taking again this contractual information at the maximum
late at the moment of the delivery. MUSICARGENTINA.COM reserves the right
to cancel any order of a customer with whom there would be a relative litigation
with the payment of a former order.




When you click on the Valider button after the process of order,
you state to accept this one as well as the entirety of present
General conditions of Sale fully and without reserve.

The data recorded by MUSICARGENTINA.COM constitute the proof of
the whole of the transactions passed through MUSICARGENTINA.COM and its customers.

The data recorded by the system of payment constitute the proof of
financial transactions.




Our offers of products and prices are valid as long as they are visible on
the site, within the limit of stocks available.

For the products not stored in our warehouses, our offers are valid
subject to availability in our suppliers.

Within this framework, indications on the availability of the products are to you
provided to the moment of the making of your order. This information coming
directly of our suppliers exceptional errors or modifications
are independent of our will. In the event of unavailability of product afterwards
making of your order we will inform you:

– by mall

– by mail as soon as possible.

You will be able to then ask for the cancellation or the exchange of your order in
sending a mall to
by specifying your co-ordinates, the number and the date of your order

For the payment by cheque, in the event of unavailability of whole or part of
the order, refunding will be carried out with the choiceof ARGENTINA MUSICA Y
ARTE by credit on the bank account of the customer or bycheque at the latest
in the thirty days as from the payment of the sums paid by the customer.




The deliveries are limited to the Metropolitan France (+ Corsica) and to

The products are delivered to the address of delivery which you indicated to
run of the process of order.

In the event of deliverable articles on different dates taking into account their
availability, the delivery period is based on the longest time.
MUSICARGENTINA.COM reserves however the possibility of splittingthem
deliveries. The share in the expenses of treatmentand forwarding will not be
invoiced that for only one sending. MUSICARGENTINA.COM could not be held
person in charge for the consequences due to a delay of delivery. Any order not
dispatched in the 30 days of the order except stipulation is cancelled
opposite and announced in the offer of sale.

In the event of unusual delay, a mall will be addressed to you.

For a payment by bank card, the times indicated are deadlines
means and correspond to the times of treatment and the delivery for
products bound for the Metropolitan France and Monaco. In the event of
split deliveries, only the dispatched products are output.

In the particular case of the articles in pre-order: your chart could be
output up to three days before the forwarding of your order.

In the event of payment by cheque, the order will be treated with reception of the cheque.
Consequently, the applicable times in this case are those at theday of reception
cheque and can thus be modified compared to those mentioned with
day of the placing of the order.




The payment of your purchases is carried out:

– is by bank cards: Aimed, MasterCard and Blue Cartes

– is by bank check

In the event of payment by banking cheque, this one must be emitted by one
bank domiciled in Metropolitan France or in Monaco. Only cheques
made out in Euros will be accepted.

The setting with the cashing of the cheque is carried out with the reception of the cheque.

The cheque will be to send to, 17 Rue des Faures – 64100 Bayonne (France)




Our site is the subject of a system of security:

We adopted the process of encoding SSL but we also reinforced
the whole of the processes of jamming and encoding to protect more
effectively possible all significant data related to the means of




8.1 – You have a 15 days deadline as from the reception for
to turn over the product which would not be appropriateto you.

The expenses of sending and return will be then with your load. Only the price of or
bought products will be refunded.

However, in the event of parcel turned over without to be opened, us you
will refund the price products and expenses of sending invoicees.

The returns are to be carried out with – 17 Rue des Faures – 64100 Bayonne (France)

8.2 – Turned over, damaged, damaged incomplete articles or dirtied by
Customer are not taken again.

8.3 – We commit ourselves to refund you, or exchanging youthe products
not corresponding to your order (defective or not in conformity).

In this case we thank you for agreeing to make state of it in a detailed way
on the purchase order and to return us products.
MUSICARGENTINA.COM will carry out the exchange or the refunding of

In the cases aimed to article 8.3, the expenses of sending and return will be to you
refunded. However, the amount of the refunding ofthe expenses of return
1,5 times the amount of the expenses of sending invoicees will be able to exceed

8.4 – These refundings will be carried out withina time lower or equal to
15 days after the reception of the products by our care.

Refunding will be carried out with the choice of MUSICARGENTINA.COM per credit on
your bank account or by bank check addressed to the customer having
placed the order and with the bill-to-address.

8.5 – No sending in against-refunding will be accepted, whatever is it




For any information or question, our service customers is with your
provision by mall with
or by mail with – 17 Rue des Faures – 64100 Bayonne (France)




All texts, comments, works, illustrations and images reproduced
on sites MUSICARGENTINA.COM are reserved for the title of the royalty
like with the intellectual document of title and whole world. It
titrate and in accordance with the provisions of the Code of the Intellectual Property
, only the use for a private use subject to different provisions
even more restrictive of the code of the intellectual property. Very other
use is constitutive of counterfeit and sanctioned with the title of
Intellectual property except preliminary authorization of MUSICARGENTINA.COM.
Any reproduction total or partial of the catalogue of the MUSICARGENTINA.COM is
strictly prohibited.




The offered products are in conformity with the French legislation in
strength. The responsibility for MUSICARGENTINA.COM could not be committed in
case of nonrespect of the legislation of the country where the products is delivered
(prohibition of a title…). It rests with to youto check near
local authorities possibilities of importation or use of the products
or services that your plan to order.

Reproduced photographs and texts and illustrating the products presented
are not contractual. Consequently, the responsibility for
MUSICARGENTINA.COM could not be committed in the event of error in one of these
photographs or one of these texts.

MUSICARGENTINA.COM could not be held for person in charge for the inexecution for
contract concluded in the event of out-of-stock condition or unavailability of the product, of
cause beyond control, of disturbance or all-out strike or partial in particular of
mail service and means of transport and/or communications, flood,
set fire to.

MUSICARGENTINA.COM will not incur any responsibility for all damage
indirect because of present, trading loss, loss of profit, loss
of chance, damage or expenses.

Bonds hypertexts can return towards other sites that the site
MUSICARGENTINA.COM. MUSICARGENTINA.COM releases any responsibility in the case
where the contents of these sites would contravene the legal and lawful provisions
into force.




This contract is subjected to the French law.

The language of this contract is the French language.

In the event of litigation the French courts will be only qualified.




MUSICARGENTINA.COM is committed not revealing with thirds information
that you communicate to him. Those are confidential. They will not be used
by its services intern that for the treatment of your order and that for
to reinforce and personalize the communication and the cultural offer and product reserved
with the customers of the MUSICARGENTINA.COM, in particular by the neswletters
MUSICARGENTINA.COM to which you will have subscribed like in
tally of the personalization of the site according to your centers of interests.
However, when you go on MUSICARGENTINA.COM from some
sites partners of MUSICARGENTINA.COM and identified like such, the data
you concerning are likely to be exceptionally communicated to
thirds. If you do not wish it indicate us via theaddresses
below. This site was the subject of a declarationat the CNIL under number 874581. Consequently, in accordance with the data-processing law and freedoms
from January 6, 1978, you have a right of access, of correction, and
of opposition to the personal data concerning you. For that it is enough to
us to make the line bid of it or mail by indicating your name, first name to us,
address and if possible your reference customer: – 17 Rue des Faures – 64100 Bayonne (France)

Our site is also conceived to be particularly attentive with
needs for our customers. It is inter alia for that that we make use of
cookies. The purpose of the cookie is to announceyour passage on our site.
cookies is thus used by MUSICARGENTINA.COM only with anaim of improving
the personalized service which is intended to you.

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