F. Tarres – Milongueando solo

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Following the steps of the great Astor Piazzolla, Tarrés is reshaping the limits that separate popular music from classical music.

Milongueando solo is the continuation of Camorreando. Same size, he is accompanied by a group of musicians who perfectly understand each other, and the language of Tarrés appears clearly and strongly.

The interaction and the precision this group acts together in the aesthetic universe proposed by Tarrés, bring us back the pleasure of listening to a ‘group sound’, something which, nowadays, became extremely rare.

In a rhythmic mixture of great richness, the shades of the tango, the milonga, the chacarera, the modern jazz and the free join with a masterly naturalness.

The musiciens:
Fernando Tarrés, guitar – Rodrigo Dominguez, sax and clarinet – Enrique Norris, horn – Ernesto Jodos, piano – Jeronimo Carmona, double bass – Sergio Verdinelli, battery.

Milongueando solo – Perplexity – Retangueando – Hombre en desorden I – Jactancia de Quietud – Hombre en desorden II – Luz mala – Silent Zones


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