G. Galvé – A partir de hoy

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Guillermo Galvé is one of the most important voices of the contemporary Tango.

This disc is a historical recording because it was Osvaldo Tarantino, the main pianist of Astor Piazzolla, who mastered the musical direction and arrangements.

With strength and nuance, Galvé sings the traditional tangos and some more recent themes such as ‘Los pajaros de la Paternal’. He sings with an approach respectful of the tradition but with the contribution of the language and the modulations of the modern voices.

Thanks to the arrangements made by Tarantino, most of these marvellous themes can be danced.

A jewel: a song composed and played by Leopoldo Federico, with lyrics from Horacio Ferrer, honoring the singer Roberto Goyeneche: El Polaco

Motivo sentimental – Los pajaros de la Paternal – El abrojito – Tabaco – La ultima – El Polaco – Y a mi que – Quinto año – Me quede mirandola – Llevatela – La locura y la paz – Convencernos


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