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This artist, unclassable, once more surprises us with his new work, built on the basis of here creative talent and re-creation, in a meeting of musics.

Sarmoria is a total music, say that she use all that she has within, to enrich the sounds she hears inside and in the nature which surrounds her.

Libre de Consenso is its manner of apprehending the life and art. Without preliminary censures nor related to the ‘fashion’.

Fresh music starting from her piano (a remarkable pianist), the magnificient work his her voice in the re-creation of the tangos La casita de mis viejos and ‘Maria, in more of playing the accordion, she plays flutes, double bass, birimbau and arranged pianos.

It works here with two talented musicians of the new Argentinian generation, Martin Pantyrer (sax baritone, soprano and tenor & clarinet) and the percussionist Facundo Ferreira to supplement this chief of work which shines by its originality.

Nora Sarmoria does what she wants and what emerges from its heart. And it is beautiful!

Titles :
Son milagros que pasan – Brisas – Mariposas activadas – Planeta – La casita de mis viejos – Puede ser – Maria – Zamba del mar – Gordo tambor – Te alejas – Engamada – Tu / ya – Brillo del aire


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