Quinteto Ventarron – Ciudad de la luz

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The second album of this groupe.

We are honoured to present it, ecause the quality of the interpretation and the feeling of these incredible musicians.

Very close to the tradition of the tango they propose a high quality of interpretatin and beautifuls arrangements.

The members of Quintet play with their fingers and their hearts. And this is not a simple metaphor, because the result of their work is there to justify what one feel. This pleasure that they have to play together is perceived in the brilliance play of the group.

They were numerous the guitarists of the tango, on its first time. After came the guitarists of Gardel, those of Rivero. And Grela, and Malvicino and De Lio….. We can add the names of Quinteto Ventarron in this notorious list, and we do not think that one will contradict us.

The big guitarist Luis Salinas say about them and this Cd: “Quinteto Ventarrón is a true homage to the guitar. It is different to what was made before. It is as a group ‘ amateur’ in the sense that the musicians want to make music ”

We find in the repertory traditional pieces, and creations of oéuvres of Nestor Basurto and Roberto Calvo, members of the group.

They invite the pianist and composer Gustavo Beytelmann to participate to this work and they play together Travesia created by G. Beytelmann.
César Angeleri, guitar, arrangements, composition – Néstor Basurto, guitarron, voice, arrangements, composition – Roberto Calvo, guitar, arrangements, composition – Gustavo Margulies, guitar – Marcos Ruffo, double bass

Invited artist: Gustavo Beytelmann, piano and composition

De vuelta y media -Ciudad de la luz – Absurdo – A la guardia nueva – La guitarra de Manuel – De Buenos Aires Morena – Fuga y Misterio – Nieblas del Riachuelo – Fangal – La trampera – Luis amanecer – Travesia (de y con Gustavo Beytelmann)


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